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My name is Erfun Geula, and I’m New York City’s most qualified GMAT tutor. Working with me means working with a full-time tutor and standardized test expert.


  • Multiple 99th-percentile GMAT scores
  • Wrote GMAT questions full-time for major test-prep company
  • Over six years of tutoring experience
  • Yale Graduate with Distinction
  • Previous students admitted to Columbia, Stern, HBS, Kellogg, Sloan, and Booth
  • All students receive access to 1,000+ GMAT questions categorized by topic and level of difficulty

To learn more about me, my tutoring, and the GMAT itself, feel free to check out the following links:

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No “Almosts” on GMAT Verbal

So you’ve been studying a couple months for the GMAT. You’ve seen an increase in your Verbal score, but now you’ve suddenly plateaued. When you do a set of 20 Critical Reasoning or Reading Comprehension questions, you consistently get 15 right, but you’ve been stuck at this rate for a couple weeks. But, there’s good […]

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