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Tutoring Services

Free Consultation

Whether you’re looking for New York GMAT tutoring or online GMAT tutoring, all students are welcome to set up a free 30-minute phone or Skype consultation. The purpose of this consultation is to address any questions you have about me and my services, and to allow me to get a better sense of your situation and to determine how I can best meet your needs. You can set up a consultation by filling out the contact form or calling me at 917-975-0749.

New York GMAT Tutoring

image1In-person tutoring sessions are available Monday – Friday at either our Manhattan office or Erfun’s apartment, depending on availability. The rate for in-person tutoring is $340/hour, and lessons are generally two hours.

Online GMAT Tutoring

image2Over the years, online GMAT tutoring has become an increasingly appealing option for both New Yorkers and students from outside the city. I use an iPad Pro, iPad digital pencil, Skype, and the join.me app to create a virtual whiteboard that simulates the structure and format of in-person classes and that allows me to record all of our lessons. Most students are pleasantly surprised by the functionality of online tutoring, so much so that even many of my New York GMAT students end up preferring Skype sessions for their convenience and efficiency. Online GMAT tutoring sessions are offered from Monday – Friday. The rate for online tutoring is $340/hour to work with Erfun, and $230/hour to work with Matt. Lessons are generally two hours.