Erfun Geula, Founder


Erfun is a professional GMAT tutor based in Manhattan, with over 12 years and 12,000 hours of standardized test tutoring experience. He has been a full-time GMAT tutor for the past nine years, but his experiences since graduating from Yale have all, one way or another, revolved around standardized tests.
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Before focusing his efforts on GMAT tutoring, he worked in New York full-time as GMAT Content Developer and Instructor for a major test-prep company, where he wrote, edited, and explained hundreds of practice GMAT questions. His immersion in the process of question-construction gave him first-hand insight into the tricks that the test-makers develop and the crafty ways they manipulate seemingly simple concepts into complex puzzles. Additionally, Erfun is sole author of McGraw Hill’s Preparation for the GRE, 2017 Edition, a 500-page, comprehensive guide available on Amazon and at all major book stores.

As a bona fide GMAT geek, Erfun is one of the few people in the world who can boast of having scored in the 99th-percentile (760+) on all four of his GMAT attempts, including a perfect Quantitative score of 51 and a Verbal score of 47 (99.5th percentile). He now uses his substantial expertise in the GMAT to help students see past superficial tricks and shortcuts and understand the logic of the exam. He has helped students gain admission to some of the nation’s top business schools, including HBS, Columbia, Stern, Wharton, Stanford, and Sloan. And he’s one of the most consistently well-rated GMAT tutors in the world, as evidenced by the numerous 5-star testimonials of his services.

Matt Douglas

The proud owner of multiple official 780s on the GMAT, Matt Douglas, GMAT Compass’ newest addition, comes to us after a ten-year stint as a GMAT instructor at one of the “big” test prep companies, where he was named GMAT Instructor of the Year in 2010 (yes, he’s been teaching the GMAT for that long!). A decade as a crack GMAT operative may not have been the most swashbuckling way to spend his 20s, but Matt’s loss is your gain: having taught standardized tests for more than 12,000 hours to more than 3,000 people, Matt’s familiarity with the exam is approaching PhD-level mastery, as evidenced by his extensive posts on Beat the GMAT and stellar reviews from former students.
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Matt’s extensive GMAT teaching experiences have taken him across the globe: he can almost boast of having taught the GMAT in person in every time zone, and through his teaching Matt has met all sorts of fascinating people – African footballers, EMTs, Australian miners, Navy SEALs, Saudi princes, an international almond magnate, Mexican narcos (Matt survived), Venezuelan political exiles, a professional wrestler, the son of a prominent Haitian voodoo priest, and best of all, three veterans of TV’s Cupcake Wars – and has been privileged to repay their amazing potential and energy with thrilling tales of noun modifiers and introductory algebra.

Now, as a member of GMAT Compass, Matt looks forward to another decade of meeting awesome people, helping them achieve their MBA dreams, and making thrilling topics like prime factorization as fun as they could be.