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The Most Common GMAT Data Sufficiency Mistake

As anyone who has prepared for the GMAT would attest to, the GMAT data sufficiency is probably the trickiest component of the test. Along with requiring an abundance of abstract thought, its strange wording and structure naturally induce students to make mistakes. Here, I’m going to discuss the #1 mistake students make on data sufficiency: They don’t evaluate the statements independently! Let’s look at a…

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Prime Factors on the GMAT

Some of the most common Number Properties questions on the GMAT require you to recognize how many times a certain number is a factor of another number. For example “If 81 =3x, then x = ?” Most students answer this question correctly because they recognize that 81 can be re-written as 34, thus making the answer 4. This may seem like a simple concept, but, as…

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