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Some Common GMAT Myths

If you’re looking to ace the GMAT, you’re faced with two fundamental challenges: mastering the content of the exam and understanding the nature of the test. Mastering the content of the test is no easy feat, but because of persistent myths about the exam, many students end up taking the wrong approach toward the GMAT itself. Here, I’ve listed and dispelled some of the most…

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Understanding the GMAT CAT: Perfection isn’t necessary

GMAT test-takers are an ambitious breed. Most of the students I encounter work full-time, have various extracurricular projects, and still find time to devote 10 – 15 hours each week to GMAT preparation. This is of course an admirable trait, and one that often translates well into GMAT success. The downside, though, is that most people gunning for 700+ on the exam believe that a…

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Prime Factors on the GMAT

Some of the most common Number Properties questions on the GMAT require you to recognize how many times a certain number is a factor of another number. For example “If 81 =3x, then x = ?” Most students answer this question correctly because they recognize that 81 can be re-written as 34, thus making the answer 4. This may seem like a simple concept, but, as…

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