+How many sessions will I need?

Without knowing the specifics of your situation, it’s tough to give a specific answer. If you’re looking for comprehensive tutoring from square one, 10 – 15 sessions is generally adequate to cover all the concepts on the exam and address your weaknesses. If you’ve already done some prep and are simply seeking intensive help on a couple concepts or question-types, then a few sessions might be sufficient. Feel free to contact me with the details of your situation, and I’ll give you an honest estimate.
+What materials do you use?

Real GMAT questions form the basis of any effective GMAT prep course (and any company that tells you otherwise is lying). Thus, in my sessions I make use of:

– Official Guide, 13th Edition
– Verbal Review, 2nd Edition
– Quantitative Review, 2nd Edition

Free of charge, I provide all students with:
-A spreadsheet categorizing all questions from the GMAT Official Guide, Verbal Review, and Quantitative Review based on question-type, concept, and level of difficulty.
-Practice LSAT tests for students looking to master the Critical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension sections of the exam
-GMAT formula sheet with the key facts and equations you’ll need to know for the Quantitative portion of the exam
-A compilation of materials from commercial companies that I consider most effective in preparing for the exam

+How does online tutoring work?

Online tutoring is an effective and convenient GMAT prep option for test-takers who live outside New York and still seek high-quality tutoring. Tutoring takes place over Skype, which lets us speak “face-to-face” as we view a shared whiteboard. Most of my online students have been surprisingly pleased with online tutoring for two reasons:#1: It’s efficient. Since I type faster than I write, we can get in more content per session.
#2: The format of online tutoring lets you keep all the notes from our sessions. Instead of spending time trying to write down what your tutor says, you can focus on the content at hand and review our notes afterward.I’m of course happy to get you in touch with some of these former students. And if you’d like to get a sense of the online tutoring dynamic, contact me for a free consultation via Skype.

+What kind of score improvement can I expect?

The score improvement a typical student sees is often a function of the student’s prior preparation, initial score, and the amount of time s/he can devote to GMAT prep. I’ve had students improve by as much as 270 points from their diagnostic exams (440 to 710) and by as much as 180 points after having taken the exam previously (510 to 690). Of course, if you’re coming to tutoring after having scored a 670, a 50-point improvement might be all that you need to get over that hump, and we can certainly address those areas to help you get there.But it bears mentioning that achieving these kinds of gains will require hard work. The GMAT is an extremely nuanced exam, and only by dedicating yourself to your preparation can you expect to make the kinds of gains we both want to see.
+Can you provide references?

Definitely. You can check out my testimonials page for quotes from real clients. And if you’d like to get in touch with a recent GMAT student, I’d be happy to provide you with his/her contact information.
+Can you provide your score report?

Sure. I’ve taken the GMAT three times and received scores of 760, 770, and 770. The score report is on the desk at my office for anyone who is curious.