Over at Yelp, Amir explains how my services helped him improve to a 750!

Here’s what he said: “I started working with Erfun after I took a Kaplan course and had unsatisfactory results. Within the first hour, he knew exactly what was troubling me – it wasn’t just the content, I needed to learn the right strategies and way of thinking, and that’s what his tutoring focused on. He helped me understand why, I was being inefficient, why it was taking me so long to answer the questions, and why a lot of the Kaplan approaches really just didn’t work. I came to him with the goal of scoring 700, and ultimately ended at a 750 (after a 640 on my diagnostic test). I really appreciated how personable and committed he was and the genuine concern he showed for my situation. I 100% recommend him to anyone looking to boost their GMAT score.”

Another success story on Yelp, this time courtesy of Andrew, who had already taken an Manhattan GMAT class: “After taking Manhattan GMAT and still getting subpar quant scores, I researched tutors and came across Erfun and chose him due to his flexible schedule a month from my exam and fair price for his 1:1 tutoring services.  We focused on quant at my behest and I increased my quant score from 40 to 49 in the span of about 6 weeks.  Because I had focused on purely quant, my verbal score dipped a little but I achieved 700 overall, which was my minimum desired score.  Attending top 10 school this fall.  I end saying that Erfun was a quality tutor who definitely knew his quant, and was easy to work with and learn from.  His practice materials/questions were very useful and he was effective at targeting question sets which I needed to work on.  Overall great experience.”

Beat The GMAT


On Beat the GMAT, Suzy explains how she finally got over the hump in Quant:

“After I met [Erfun], I decided he knew his stuff, and, together, we did intensive Quant tutoring for 4 weeks, 4 hours/week. He was a great teacher, but what I found most beneficial was his ability to show me how to do questions efficiently by identifying what they were testing and immediately deciding on an approach for that question. He also helped me develop a great strategy for guessing and taking my losses on the questions above my level. With all this advice in mind, I finally took the exam on January 31, and scored a 730, with a 46 in Quant!!

Another Beat the GMAT success story, this time courtesy of Huang:

So, I took the plunge and hired a tutor. I looked around a few places and ultimately settled on GMAT Compass. If you’re not familiar with GMAT Compass, it’s a one-man tutoring company run by Erfun Geula, a guy whose grasp of grammar is incredible. We did our sessions over Skype, which was actually really effective. For each lesson, he would upload questions from SC 1000 or from mba.com, and we’d basically dissect the sentences. I learned a lot of really helpful tips for eliminating choices quickly and, really important for my situation, identifying what they were testing on each section. We also looked over Critical Reasoning and how to identify wrong answer choices and how to look at the more common question types. I think that the GMAT score ultimately comes down to the person taking it, but I found Erfun’s advice to be really helpful on test day, and I recommend him to anyone that needs intensive help on the Verbal.

Recent Clients

All of the clients listed below will happily serve as references if you’d like to speak with them.

 When I began studying for the test I relied primarily on the Official Guides and MGMAT books. For 4 months I studied every night and completed every practice question I could possibly find. However, after all of that studying, the highest score I was able to attain was 640 – it was extremely disappointing. Finally, I decided to get a tutor here in NY. I looked online and found Erfun, who does one-on-one sessions for two hours – his guidance and help were priceless. I must say I totally underestimated the value that a tutor could provide. A GMAT tutor can be extremely useful when studying for the GMAT. Yes, everyone knows that the GMAT tests the same type of skills all the time, but Erfun provided excellent insights on how to approach tough questions and how to effectively study so that weak areas are improving and strong areas remain strong. After a lot of hard work I finally scored a 720! – P. M. – June 2013

 I wanted to update you, as I just finished my exam. I am very pleased to let you know that I got a 690!! 47 on quant and 38 on verbal. I listened to all of your advice and really made sure I took my time and did not get frantic during quant. I wanted to thank you so much for all of your help-I couldn’t have done it without you!! I’ll be sure to write you a glowing review if you ever need it! – Anastasia B. — August 2014